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Rely on our investor-centered research for your important investing decisions.

A singular focus on quality

Experience matters when investors make decisions about where to put their money, and we have one of the deepest benches of seasoned analysts in the world. We take a rigorous bottom-up approach by evaluating the fundamental factors that drive the investments we cover.

Consistent coverage across the world

Our global coverage uses the same consistent research framework in every region where our analysts are evaluating investments. So when you’re looking across geographies, we make it easy to expand your insight into a new territory or country.

Thinking like an investor

Our analysts evaluate investments from the investor’s perspective. Every investment conclusion they make has only the end investor’s interest in mind. And we call it like we see it—never afraid to take a contrary view.

How Morningstar Research Can Help You

Get research through our analysis platforms and other ways that integrate with the way you work.

Global Equity Research

Gain access to fundamental analyst research evaluating 1,500 companies, plus the forward-looking quantitative ratings we generate on more than 50,000 stocks.

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Global Managed Investment Research

Get qualitative analysis and forward-looking ratings, covering nearly 30,000 funds and managed investments.

Due Diligence Support

Use our scorecards and manager research expertise to help structure your analysis and strengthen your due diligence process.

Morningstar’s Active/Passive Barometer

See how we measure the performance of U.S. active managers against their passive peers within their respective Morningstar Categories. This useful measuring stick can help investors better calibrate the odds of succeeding with active funds in different areas based on recent trends and longer-term history.

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