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A 360-degree view of your investments.

Understand how your strategies fit within the context of a portfolio by evaluating them with the same metrics and data that your clients use. Perform advanced peer analysis across risk and performance to strengthen your position.

Global RIsk Model

Global Risk Model

Compare your factor exposures to your competitors, and understand which factors are advantageous in certain market conditions. Leverage scenario analysis to see how your investments would react to a variety of market events.

Call attention to your differentiated offerings.

Incorporate custom data with our data and research to conduct a full analysis of the competition to see where your funds stand out.

Presentation Studio

Presentation Studio

Market your offerings from a strong analytical foundation to communicate your strengths through branded reports.

Align your strategy with investor preferences.

Uncover what investors really value with our comprehensive asset flows data. Connect to the latest analysis and information from our global analysts. Get daily coverage of the stock research and fund evaluations that are most relevant to your work.

Research Portal

Research Portal

See what our analysts are saying about your investments and those of your competitors. Set up alerts on relevant topics and content to understand market and investor trends.

More Tools Built for Asset Management

Peer Analysis
Monitor the performance of investments grouped by custom classifications. Assign benchmarks, define data, and perform ranking analysis.

report portal

Report Portal
Empower your field teams with consistent information by using our web-based report and template distribution system.

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Investor Pulse
See how you’re doing compared to your peers and the overall market by digging in to the factors that impact fund flows.

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The Momentum of Modern Models

Since 2018, models have seized the attention of wealth and asset management firms and significantly increased their new strategies. This paper will explore this momentum by highlighting the Morningstar Analyst Ratings for model portfolios, answering frequently asked questions, and outlining key trends.

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