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Keystone Pipeline Spill Estimated at 14,000 Barrels of Crude Oil — 2nd Update

By Dan Molinski


The Keystone oil pipeline remained shut late Thursday after a rupture in Kansas that spilled an estimated 14,000 barrels of crude oil, said the pipeline's owner, TC Energy Corp.

"We have shut down the Keystone Pipeline System and mobilized people and equipment in response to a confirmed release of oil into a creek in Washington County, Kansas," the Calgary-based company said in a statement.

It said the emergency shutdown began at around 8 p.m. local time Wednesday night after alarms sounded due to the detection of a drop in pressure in the 610,000-barrel-a-day pipeline.

"The system remains shutdown as our crews actively respond and work to contain and recover the oil," TC Energy said. "Our estimated release volume is 14,000 barrels."

TC Energy didn't indicate when the pipeline may begin flowing again, or what specifically may have caused the large leak.

The news helped fuel a brief spike in U.S. crude-oil prices Thursday morning, with WTI crude-oil gaining as much as 4.8% to $75.44 a barrel. As the trading session wore on, however, WTI reversed those gains and finished 0.8% lower at $71.46, the lowest closing price since Dec. 21, 2021.

The 2,687-mile Keystone Pipeline System delivers Canadian and U.S. crude oil to markets around North America. It runs east from Hardisty, Alberta, in Canada, then down into North Dakota in the U.S., and further south into Nebraska. From there it splits, with one arm heading toward refineries in Illinois while another arm heads to Oklahoma and Texas.


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