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Banks See Drops in Net Charge-Off Ratios

By Allison Prang


Here's a look at credit quality at some of the country's banking companies for the fourth quarter as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to weigh on consumers and businesses.


--Citizens had a provision for credit losses of $124 million. It fell from $428 million in the third quarter.

--Nonaccrual loans and leases to loans and leases was 0.83%, down from 1.03% for 3Q.

--Citizens' annualized net charge-off rate for loans and leases for 4Q was 0.61%. It declined from 0.7% for 3Q.


--The provision for credit losses was $441 million. It was lower than 3Q's $635 million.

--The company's net charge-off ratio was 0.58%. For 3Q, it was 0.66%.


--The company said it had a negative $6.5 million provision for credit losses. It didn't log a provision for 3Q.

--Net charge-offs on an annualized basis to average loans were 0.28%. It was 0.37% for 3Q.


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January 20, 2021 09:13 ET (14:13 GMT)

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