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Total Cost of Ownership

The Morningstar Analyst Rating is an analyst-driven, qualitative assessment of whether a fund strategy will outperform its peers. Our ratings model does not factor in the cost of advice, nor does it consider share class availability. This tool provides a way to estimate and compare the total costs of owning different share classes, including fees charged at the investment level (such as sales loads and expense ratios) and fees paid for financial advice at the account level.

  1. Click here or from the home page, click Research tab and then navigate to Mutual Funds, under Tools click on Total Cost of Ownership
  2. Enter the fund share class that you currently hold. Refer to your advisory statement to ensure you have entered the correct share class of the fund.
  3. Enter an asset-based fee (if you pay) is often expressed as a percentage of assets under management, such as 1.1%.
  4. Scroll down to pick share classes available to compare with.
  5. All the funds represented for comparison may not be available through your advisory or brokerage platform.
  6. Use graphs to compare total cost paid by investors, as a percentage of their portfolio’s overall value, per year or estimates the total cost paid by investors, in dollars.