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JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2065 I JSBSX

  • NAV / 1-Day Return 16.34  /  0.18 %
  • Total Assets 893,347.0
  • Adj. Expense Ratio
  • Expense Ratio
  • Distribution Fee Level
  • Share Class Type
  • Category Target-Date 2065+
  • Investment Style
  • Credit Quality / Interest Rate Sensitivity
  • Status Open
  • TTM Yield
  • Turnover

Morningstar’s Analysis JSBSX

This fund is not currently covered by a Morningstar analyst.

How do we decide what funds to cover?

We’re committed to covering those funds that are most relevant to investors and that hold a significant portion of industry assets. A fund that we do not cover now may become a stronger candidate for coverage in the future if it becomes more relevant to investors because of increased assets under management, a new manager, a new strategy, improved risk-adjusted performance or a change at the parent firm. Funds with suspended coverage or that have never been covered are often those that are both smaller in size and are less widely held by our customers.