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American Funds Intl Gr and Inc F2 IGFFX Sustainability

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Sustainability Analysis

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Sustainable Summary

Sustainability Summary is not assigned to this investment.

Morningstar generates quantitatively driven content that covers the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) characteristics for managed investments that have both a Morningstar Sustainability Rating and a Carbon Risk Score, called the Sustainability Strategy Summary. This share class’ Sustainability Summary content was not generated because of insufficient data. To generate individualized content, the Sustainability Summary requires sufficient data to create its framework of “mental models” designed to mimic content written by analysts. The Sustainability Strategy Summary uses an algorithm designed to predict the ESG analysis that analysts would produce on the investment product if they covered it.

ESG Commitment Level Asset Manager

 | Basic

Capital Group’s ESG efforts are a work in progress.

Capital Group is making a concerted effort to improve its scattered approach to ESG incorporation, warranting a Basic Morningstar ESG Commitment Level.

Capital’s ESG efforts have lacked structure and direction. The firm tasked its investment professionals with evaluating ESG risks and opportunities but didn’t provide top-down guidance or additional support. Capital didn’t have the necessary ESG specialists to support its army of investment analysts and monitor exposures across the firm’s large number of portfolio holdings. Further, the firm lacked a standardized approach to ESG analysis and engagement.

Yet Capital has recently prioritized ESG, leveraging its scale to construct internal processes. The firm has carved out a 16-person ESG team, with plans to hire additional support in the coming months. This group is working with Capital's industry analysts to construct and codify a firmwide ESG framework, which includes layering ESG metrics into quantitative investment screens to evaluate investment risks and prompt engagement with company management. The ESG team will also help portfolio managers monitor ESG exposures at the strategy level. Capital is also building a proprietary platform that will serve as the firm’s central ESG repository, housing internal and third-party data and fostering collaboration. Although these tangible efforts should bolster Capital’s ESG capabilities, there’s still considerable work outstanding.

Capital’s nascent ESG team should help clarify the firm’s philosophy. The firm has long advocated for shareholder-friendly corporate governance policies, though its stance on environmental and social issues is less clear. Capital eschews comprehensive, decisive statements, preferring to handle those matters internally at the industry and company levels. Although two of the firm’s oldest strategies exclude alcohol and tobacco stocks, most strategies don’t face exclusionary restrictions. Finally, Capital has robust systems to track and report proxy voting by strategy, but the firm could provide more insight into key voting decisions in its disclosures.