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Ryan Leggio

Ryan Leggio, Esq., is a fund analyst with Morningstar.


Brown Brothers Harriman's Michael Keller says the team at BBH Core Select is finding a good mix of value, growth potential, and capital preservation in these health-care and financial names.

Boston Company's David Daglio says the Dreyfus Opportunistic Midcap and Smal Cap funds see content producers winning, while a negative payor mix shift will keep health care under pressure.

RS Investments' Allison Thacker says the funds have seen software-as-a-service names recently looking more attractive, while they have been trimming traditional consumer-discretionary names.

RS Investments manager Joe Wolf says there is an extraordinarily attractive set of high-quality, stable businesses that underwent positive structural changes during the downturn.

FBR's David Ellison thinks the complexity of big international banks makes them harder to value than smaller regional institutions.