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Brian Colello

Brian Colello, CPA, is director of technology equity research for Morningstar.


Chipmakers today are carving out competitive advantages through their proprietary chip designs, high customer switching costs, and exposure to the burgeoning market for electronic systems in vehicles.

The market is punishing the tech giant’s shares in after-market trading, but Morningstar analyst Brian Collello thinks the Apple watch is far from a flop.

Strong iPhone sales in China and other emerging markets boosted the tech giant even as iPad sales disappointed and the company struggled to meet demand for the Apple Watch, says Morningstar’s Brian Colello.

Apple can still gain share in the high end of the smartphone market, but activist investor Carl Icahn’s projections and $1.2 trillion valuation for the firm are too rosy, says Morningstar’s Brian Colello.

The tech giant's ability to continuously produce quality products and services will allow the firm to broaden its user base even further and build on its competitive advantages.

A focus on high-performance analog semiconductors and being first to market bring pricing power to Maxim integrated, says CFO Bruce Kiddoo.