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Miriam Sjoblom

Miriam Sjoblom is a director on the global manager research team at Morningstar.


Franklin Templeton's Rafael Costas believes that exaggerated fears about muni defaults, along with a few technical factors, led to the recent sell-off in the sector.

A long-term, low-turnover approach, highly liquid stomping grounds, and the continued development of global markets have kept Templeton Global Bond's tremendous inflows manageable, says manager Michael Hasenstab.

Some of the lowest risks exist in subprime mortgage bonds compared with some of the prime bonds, where housing prices haven't fallen as far, says the MetWest manager. Plus, get Landmann's take on values and red flags in investment-grade corporates and high yield.

Calamos Convertible manager John Calamos says many investors forget that convertibles are made up of individual securities with different attributes.

Fidelity's Christine Thompson says volatility has created great opportunities in muni bonds, but investors must do the homework to find the winners.

Head of DWS muni portfolio management Phil Condon says munis still offer good return potential compared with the alternatives