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Jeremy Glaser

Jeremy Glaser is the Markets Editor for


The prospect of higher rates is mostly baked into emerging-markets stocks and bonds, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheap or won’t be volatile, say Morningstar’s Patty Oey and Karin Anderson.

During market uncertainty, focus on investment costs and tax management, and use volatility as an opportunity, says Baird's Mary Ellen Stanek.

Three China watchers at Morningstar's ETF Conference discussed what's behind the current volatility, what's next for the country's economy, and if investors should take a long-term stake.

The depth of the market sell-off isn’t justified by the data out of China, but that doesn't mean stocks look cheap today, says Morningstar’s Francisco Torralba.

July’s jobs report supports a rate hike in September, but a weak August number could derail the central bank’s plans, says Morningstar’s Bob Johnson.