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Bridget B. Hughes

Bridget Hughes, CFA, is director of parent research for Morningstar Research Services LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc. She directs the U.S. parent ratings committee, which oversees the assignment of Morningstar Parent Pillar ratings for all U.S. investment managers under coverage. She also leads the firm’s global parent ratings committee and helps coordinate collaboration on parent firms among manager research analysts.

Prior to her current role at Morningstar, Hughes focused on domestic- and international-equity strategies and was the lead analyst on diversified managers such as Vanguard. Before joining Morningstar in 1995, she worked for American Funds’ transfer agency and for Shearson Lehman as a financial consultant.

Hughes holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and in economics, with honors, from Illinois State University. She also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.


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