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Even after solid year-to-date performance, munis still look attractive on a tax-adjusted basis for those in higher brackets. Plus: 401(k) fee recoveries and help for difficult planning conversations.

This week: A Greek revival, a new frontier, easing Fed concerns, and an artistically volatile stock.

Having the lower-earning spouse file earlier, and the higher-earning spouse wait until age 70 can provide a cushion for retired couples early on, while ensuring higher survivor benefits later, says T. Rowe Price's Christine Fahlund.

College affordability is becoming more problematic, which is why most families should seek scholarships or other financial aid ASAP, says college-planning expert Mark Kantrowitz.

Target-date funds can be well-suited to investors who lack the time or desire for more hands-on portfolio management, but they still need to so some homework first, says Morningstar senior fund analyst Josh Charlson.