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Quarter-End Insights

Morningstar's Take on 2019

Our analysis of the fourth quarter in stocks and funds.

As 2020 kicks off, Morningstar's analysts have provided in-depth reviews and outlooks across equity sectors and fund categories. 

33 Undervalued Stocks for 2020

Stock Market Outlook: Strong Market Lifts More Stocks Above Fair Values

Energy: Most Undervalued Sector Heading Into the Quarter

Consumer Defensive: Some Industries Are Showing Resistance to E-Commerce Threat

Consumer Cyclical: Global Uncertainty Could Benefit Travel and Leisure Investors

Communication Services: Think Small for Opportunities in this Shifting Sector

Basic Materials: Opportunities Arise Amid Continued Decline in Share Prices

Utilities: Sky-High Stocks Flying Too Close to the Sun?

Technology: A Few Hurdles, but Tech Stocks Continue to Run

Real Estate: Malls and Hotels Have the Most 4- and 5-Star Names

Industrials: Most of Our Coverage Is Fairly Valued, but Business Services Looks Attractive

Healthcare: Sector's Mostly Overvalued, but Opportunities Can Be Found in Drug and Biotech

Financial Services: Investors Have a Clearer Picture of Sector's Threats

The Year in U.S. Equity Funds, 2019

International-Stock Funds Bounce Back in 2019

Johnson: 2019 Was the 'Year of Zero' for ETFs

A Look Back at Mutual Funds in 2019  

The Year in Bond Funds 2019

2019 Fund Flows in 9 Charts

Morningstar's 2019 Lists

5 Key Takeaways for Investors from 2019

10 Most Popular Stocks, Funds and ETFs of 2019

10 Most Popular Stories on in 2019

10 Things You Might've Missed on in 2019

The Biggest Mutual Fund Stories of 2019

The Top 10 ETF and Indexing Stories of 2019

10 Sustainable Investing Stories of 2019

Top 10 Takeaways From the Long View Podcast

Fund Family Reviews
Vanguard's Evolution in 2019

How T. Rowe Price Rode Out 2019

Highs and Lows in Fidelity's 2019 Performance

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