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Rekenthaler Report

With Emerging Markets, Bonds May Beat Stocks

The exception to the general rule?


Equities First!
Few Rekenthaler Reports have praised bonds. That owes partially to timing--fixed-income yields have been consistently low during this column's tenure--and partially to personal preferences. My portfolio has always consisted almost solely of equities. (Currently, it's at its lowest-ever level of 90%, as I trimmed my Morningstar (MORN) position last summer and have not yet reinvested the proceeds.)

It also reflects my view that stocks offer a free lunch, because investors overreact to equities' volatility, thereby improving their long-term returns. (Paradoxically, over time asset classes that are disliked outperform their more-popular rivals.) That argument, which comes from behavioral economists, does not lend itself to proof, but I think it is largely correct.

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