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A Multisector Bond Fund We're Watching Closely

Angel Oak Multi-Strategy Income has grown to almost $8 billion in assets on the back of strong performance.


Brian Moriarty: Angel Oak Multi-Strategy Income is a fund that has long been on Morningstar's radar. This multisector bond fund was launched in June 2011 and has grown to almost $8 billion in assets. It has done so on the back of strong performance. Over the trailing five years as of May 2019, it has beat almost 90% of its peers. It has accomplished that record in part by being in the right place at the right time. Over half of the portfolio is invested in nonagency mortgages, which have been on an impressive run since their blowup in the financial crisis.

But it's how Angel Oak as a firm has responded to this impressive growth that is why we are keeping a close eye on it. They have hired specialists in different securitized markets, expanded their risk management capabilities, have demonstrated a willingness to learn from mistakes, and have approached the securitized credit markets with a healthy dose of skepticism. For these reasons, we will continue to watch this fund closely.

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