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7 Defensive Stocks on Sale

These high-quality names are trading at 5-star levels.

There haven’t been any “May flowers” for the stock market--just showers instead. The S&P 500 has skidded about 4% so far this month as of this writing. U.S.-China trade-war fears have rained down on stocks, with energy and technology stocks bearing the brunt. And as the rhetoric between President Donald Trump’s administration and the government of Chinese leader Xi Jinping persists, we may be in for a protracted trade war.

Of course, Morningstar isn’t in the business of predicting when the trade impasse will end nor in guessing where the market is going. Moreover, tough trade talk doesn’t have to equal a stalled stock market. Remember, the S&P 500 has still notched double-digit gains for the year through May 23--nothing to sneeze at.

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