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Primecap: The Shades of Difference Among Its Funds

The firm's six funds all earn Gold fund analyst ratings.

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Alec Lucas: Morningstar has long recognized Pasadena, California-based Primecap Investment Management as an outstanding active manager, and that continues with the recent announcement of Primecap’s James Marchetti as the inaugural winner of the Rising Talent Morningstar Award for Investing Excellence. Investors in one of Primecap’s six U.S. open-end funds, all of which receive a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Gold, would do well to understand their differences. Primecap subadvises three strategies for Vanguard and directly manages three Odyssey-branded funds. These six funds use Primecap's high-conviction multimanager system and fall into three pairs. 

Primecap Odyssey Aggressive Growth and Vanguard Capital Opportunity look for companies with rapid earnings growth, many of which are mid-, small-, and micro-cap stocks. Vanguard Capital Opportunity’s larger asset base puts more limitations on its ability to buy micro-cap stocks.

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