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Special Report

Morningstar's Interviews With Jack Bogle

The complete archive of Morningstar interviews with Vanguard founder Jack Bogle from 2008 until 2018.


Vanguard founder Jack Bogle passed away on Wednesday. Over the years, Morningstar has been fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Bogle and gain his insights into investing. We've complied some of his interviews below. 


Optimum Returns Come From Staying the Course
Don't Try to Time Factor Investing
Some Legitimate Uses of ETFs
Nature of Market Unchanged by Indexing
Why Jack Bogle Doesn't Own Non-U.S. Stocks
What Jack Bogle Expects From the Market


Jack Bogle on What's Next for Active Investing
Bogle Remains Unimpressed With Strategic Beta
Investing Insights: Amazon, Google, and Bogle's Expectations
Performance Fees Don't Hurt, but Don't Help, Bogle Says
Vanguard's Size a Worry
The Good--and the Bad--of ETF Trading
Index Funds the Best Hope for Corporate Governance
ETF Flows Muddle Valuation, Risk Picture
Bogle's 'Reasonable Expectations' for Market Returns


Better Investor Fee Disclosure Would Cost Nothing
Only the Beginning for Fiduciary Rule
Not Only Stay the Course, Stay the Straight Course
Bogle's Thoughts on 40 Years of Indexing
Bogle's Advice to Retirees in the Current Market Environment
Bogle Forecasts Low Stock and Bond Market Returns
Weekly Wrap: Bogle Sees Low Returns; Oil Cut No Game-Changer
Low Returns Ahead
Strategic-Beta Funds Don't Have Long-Term Advantages
Bogle on Brexit and Other Threats to Global Markets


What Bogle's Low-Return Forecast Means for Your Portfolio
What Investors Need to Know About Fees
Fiduciary Standard Clearly Right Thing to Do
Tough Decade Ahead for Equity Investors
Corporate Bonds a Sensible Way to Pick Up Yield
Why Bogle Doesn't 'Do' International Investing


Market Turbulence Just a Lot of 'Sound and Fury'
Little Wiggle Room for Investment Returns
Emerging Markets Cheap for a Reason
Better to Play It Safe in Bonds
How Bond Indexing Could Be Better
Latest Investor Trends Are Just That--Trends
5 of Our Favorite Bogle Quotes


Bogle Skeptical of Credit-Sensitive Bonds, Smart Beta
Target-Date Funds Have a Flaw
Bogle on Conflicts With the Fiduciary Standard
Indexing Always Pays Off
Bogle's Expectations for Stocks and Bonds
Be Sensible About Rebalancing
The Problems With 401(k)s
Yield Seekers Shouldn't Go Out on a Limb
We Need to Fix the Bond Index


Bogle's Outlook for the Market
Most Difficult Investment Conditions I've Ever Seen
Bogle's Key Factors for Measuring Stewardship
Bogle Appalled by Funds' Lack of Corporate Oversight
U.S. Retirement System a 'Train Wreck'


Market About Fairly Valued Today
Stick to the Straight and Narrow
Speculation Dwarfing Investment
Investors Have Tough Time with ETFs
We Need a Quiet Revolution Back to the Basics
We Need Consumer Protection
Stocks Poised to Outperform
Speculation Is in the Driver’s Seat
Economy Needs Time to Heal


Index Funds the Great Hope for Corporate Governance
Financial Reform Better Than Nothing
Unclear if Target-Date Funds Have Lived Up to Promise
Keep Bonds for the Bumps in the Road
Don't Reach for Returns
Why I Don't Invest Overseas
The Standard Bond Index Suits Me Fine
Buy and Hold, Don't Trade ETFs
Old Principles of Asset Allocation Hold
I'm Nervous About the Fixed-Income Markets
Don't Peek in Volatile Times
Stocks Should Outpace Bonds Over the Next Decade


The Capitalists Failed Us
Executive Compensation Has Gotten Totally Out of Hand
The Past Is Not Prologue
Target Date Funds a Bit Too Clever
Commodities a Gamble
This Bear Market's the Worst I've Seen
Bogle on Today's Return Expectations
Buy and Hold Is Eternal
Keeping Your Portfolio on Track


Bogle on a Knock Against Indexing
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