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Quarter-End Insights

2018 Fund Category and Index Performance Data

Our take on the fourth quarter. Plus the best, and worst, performing fund categories and indexes from the last year.

As 2019 kicks off, Morningstar's analysts have provided in-depth reviews and outlooks across equity sector, fund categories, and private markets. Their takes are below along with quarter-end fund category and index data.

Morningstar's Quarter-End Coverage
Stock Market Outlook: Global Equities Are Starting to Look Attractive
Basic Materials: Fewer Buying Opportunities Than in Most Sectors
Communication Services: Attractive, Sustainable Yields on Offer
Consumer Cyclical: Firms That Blur the Lines of Digital and Physical Set to Excel
Consumer Defensive: Meaningful Opportunity in Tobacco
EnergyA Drop in Oil Prices Has Made Energy Stocks More Attractive
Financial Services: Value in Banking and Asset Management Firms
HealthcareSpecter of ACA Repeal Hangs Over Fairly Valued Sector
IndustrialsTrade Tensions Lead to Attractive Valuations
Real Estate: Only a Few Opportunities in Fairly-Valued Sector
Technology: Semiconductor, Software Firms On Sale
Utilities: Investors Once Again Treating U.S. Utilities as a Safe Haven

29 Undervalued Stocks

Venture Capital Outlook: A Spirited VC Market Will Continue to Elevate Valuations and Attract New Investors
Private Equity: PE Outperforms and Closes the Valuation Gap
Emerging Technology Outlook: Shift Towards Bundling for Consumer-Facing Firms

Manager Research Insights
The Year in U.S. Equity Funds
A Tough Time for All International-Stock Funds in 2018
Bond Funds Endure a Year of Economic Anxiety
Kinnel: A Beating for China, Energy Funds in 2018
Low-Cost Building-Block ETFs Drive 2018 Growth

Fund Family Wrap-Ups
T. Rowe Price
American Funds

Data Report

Preliminary Open-End Fund Category Returns
Index Returns
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