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Market Update

Most Popular Articles, Videos and Investments of 2018

This is what members were reading, watching and researching last year.


With 2018 in the rearview mirror, we’re looking back at the most-read articles, top videos, and most-researched stocks, funds, and ETFs. 

Building a $1 million 401(k), finding value in a turbulent stock market, and choosing the best 529 plans were some of the hottest topics on last year. Investors continued to be interested in large-cap technology stocks and  GE's (GE) continued troubles. Domestic-equity funds, both active and passive, dominated the most-researched funds while broad-market and dividend-focused piqued the interest of exchange-traded fund investors.

Most-Read Articles

32 Undervalued Stocks
With 2017 in the books, our equity analysts name their best ideas in every sector. 

Guess What? It May Actually Be Different This Time
In volatile market environments, tune out the pundits and take a look in the mirror.

10 Cheap Stocks With Growing Dividends
The Morningstar U.S. Dividend Growth Index homes in on cash-rich businesses with sustainable and growing yields.

The Best 529 Plans
Taking advantage of tax benefits by investing in low-cost, smartly designed 529 plans can stretch your college savings dollars.

Experts Forecast Long-Term Stock and Bond Returns: 2018 Edition
High starting valuations, low yields prompt muted return projections at most firms.

Most Watched Videos

5 To-Dos for Retirees as Volatility Returns
Christine Benz shares her top tips for investors in retirement or about to retire wondering what to do amid the sell-off.

3 Funds You Can Hold Forever
There are plenty of advantages to reducing portfolio turnover, and these funds are great options to hold for the long haul.

Vanguard's Hidden Gems
Russ Kinnel shines the spotlight on three medalist funds with relatively modest asset bases.

Kinnel's Favorite Funds for Retirement
Russ Kinnel says retirees don't need drastically different picks, but risk and costs might mean some funds are better choices than others.

How the Tax Changes Affect Retirees and Pre-Retirees
Baird's Tim Steffen says the new rules on itemizing and the elimination of Roth "do-overs" are most likely to affect retirees.

Most-Researched Stocks

General Electric

Most-Researched Funds

Vanguard 500 Index
Fidelity Contrafund
T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth
Vanguard Total Stock Market Index
PRIMECAP Odyssey Growth

Most-Researched ETFs

Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF  
Vanguard S&P 500 ETF 
Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF 
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