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Oil's Response to Climate Change Bad for Investors

The oil industry's decision to not grapple with climate change means those firms will grow at a slower clip than the broader markets, says Jeremy Grantham.

This video is the fourth of four with GMO's Jeremy Grantham. You can watch one, two, and three here.

Jeff Ptak: I wanted to close by switching gears a bit and talking about the presentation that you just gave to our assembled delegates here in the conference in a general session. It was on climate change which is an issue that you've taken up with great fervor and passion. One of the issues for the advisors that have gathered for our conference is, they may believe very strongly, concur with you, but they don't quite know what to do. If you were to sit down across the table from an advisor that wants to take up this issue on your behalf, or for their grandchildren as you put it memorably in the speech, how would they do that? How do they implement? What are the things that they should look for or push for?