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How to Use Your Website to Qualify Prospects and Win Clients

You'll convert far more prospects into ideal clients if your site is easy to use, transparent, and enjoyable.

In today's day and age, new and prospective clients are likely to be introduced to your financial advisory business in a number of different ways. Many might have been referred to you from existing clients or professional connections, or perhaps they came across your advertising. No matter how they first find out about you and your firm, a prospective client's first interaction with a financial advisor is increasingly likely to be through the advisor's website. Through an advisor's website, prospects create their own first impressions of who they might be working with and whether they should reach out for more information.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of financial advisor websites are ill-equipped to make the critical first impression needed to establish trust online, and to convince prospects to take the next step in reaching out via phone or email. Further, even those advisor websites that are equipped to establish a personal connection likely aren't designed to help prospects qualify themselves as good candidates for the advisor's services, either due to a lack of transparency, few details on the firm's ideal client profile, or both.