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Model Retirement Saver Portfolios for T. Rowe Price Investors

Christine Benz

T. Rowe Price is one of a fairly small handful of firms where one could reasonably stick exclusively with the "house brand" of funds. Although its U.S. equity funds are the most widely recognized in the lineup, its international-equity and fixed-income offerings are also solid. And while T. Rowe fund expenses aren't Vanguard-low, most earn "fee level" scores of below average or low.

T. Rowe Price is also a rare publicly traded asset manager that has successfully balanced the interests of both its fundholders and the holders of  T. Rowe Price (TROW) stock. Although the temptation to earn a quick buck by rolling out trendy new funds has been too much for many rivals, T. Rowe has generally fielded a utilitarian lineup. And while manager departures have picked up in recent years--some planned, some unplanned--T. Rowe has historically done a good job of retaining its investment personnel. Nor has the firm been reticent to close funds pre-emptively in an effort to preserve performance: As of late August 2015, 10 of the firm's 135 funds were closed to new investors.

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