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An Aggressive Retirement Saver Portfolio

We employ actively managed mutual funds and a stock-heavy portfolio mix.

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"I'm 15 years from retirement. Should I be splitting my portfolio into buckets?" 

I've received several variations of that question in response to my Model Bucket Portfolios. My answer, in short, is that the Bucket Approach--essentially segmenting a portfolio by time horizon--is most useful for retirement planning. Not only does an in-retirement Bucket Portfolio provide ready cash reserves if the long-term components of the portfolio are at a low ebb (and, therefore, not good candidates for selling) but in better market environments, it also facilitates easy rebalancing to shake off income for living expenses. By contrast, a bucketed portfolio will tend to be less useful for accumulators, who are relying on their salaries, rather than their portfolios, to meet their day-to-day cash needs. 

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