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Stock Analyst Update

Morningstar Analyst Research: The Week in Stocks

A fight for a company that Mikey liked and how credit cards can pay.

The market once again took investors for a roller-coaster ride this past week. Stocks were riding high as Alan Greenspan hinted that an interest-rate cut might be coming. But the good news didn't last long. Investors' profit concerns were renewed as companies like Apple (AAPL) said they were having problems. During the rise and fall of the Nasdaq and the Dow, there also were a couple of notable mergers announced--à la Pepsi's (PEP) and Best Buy's (BBY). Plus, investor-extraordinaire Warren Buffett was back in the news for helping to stop Coke (KO) from swallowing Pepsi's latest acquisition.

But as always, we at Morningstar have kept our eye on the hubbub swirling in the markets in an effort to make sense of it for you, the investor. As we’ve mentioned before, we provide research on hundreds of stocks and add dozens more to our coverage every week. Our analysts strive to keep the analyses fresh so you can decide whether to buy, sell, or hold. In our weekly roundup, we’re highlighting several well-known companies with updated analyses as well as companies we're analyzing for the first time.

  • Pepsi might "wanna be like Mike" by gulping down Gatorade-maker Quaker . But will cereals like Cap’n Crunch and Quisp be as hard to swallow for the soft-drink maker as they are for anyone over the age of 12? Learn about the new Pepsi Challenge.
  • No, QLogic  isn’t what actor Desmond Llewelyn used to come up with all those nifty James Bond gadgets. But unlike a cigarette-lighter grenade or a laser-equipped camera that helped bail 007 out of jams, this company might be shooting itself in the foot with a Walther PPK by playing with new technologies. Want to take A View to a Kill?
  • For millions of Americans, the letters WB stand for Bugs Bunny and highbrow TV shows like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Popular." But for Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) shareholders, "WB" spells money in their pockets. Read this analysis to decide if you too should bow before the Oracle of Omaha.
  • An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. But why hasn’t $11 cash per share attracted investors this way? Should you Think Different?
  • Hot items like DVD players and digital cameras might not be on sale before the holidays, but a company that peddles them in big quantities just might be. Find out whether Best Buy (BBY) is the best bargain.
  • Not looking forward to that January credit-card bill? MBNA  is. But will investing in this plastic peddler bring cheer or credit-quality fears? Click here to find out.

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