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Stock Analyst Update

Market Value Creators and Destroyers

These firms have created or destroyed the most equity market value in 2002.

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There's no question about it: Regardless of a few brief rallies, 2002 has been another bear market year.

As one might expect in such a grisly--and grizzly, for that matter--market, the value destruction wrought by the 10 stocks that lost the most in market value this year far outdistanced the value created by the 10 stocks that gained the most in dollar terms. (The tables below show the 10 stocks that gained and lost the most, respectively, as measured by their absolute change in equity market capitalization, or the total dollar value of their outstanding shares.) In fact, the combined $77 billion market-value gain of the top 10 stocks amounts to slightly more than half the nearly $140 billion market loss tallied by the worst performer, General Electric (GE).

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