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The Short Answer

ABLE Accounts Slow to Catch On but Hold Promise

These accounts have the potential to benefit millions of Americans living with disabilities, but only a fraction have signed on.

ABLE accounts are taking hold though not at a blistering pace. ABLE, which stands for Achieving a Better Life Experience, is a tax-favored way to save for the needs of a person with a disability. They are built on the same legal framework as 529 college savings plans.

Deborah Goodkin, managing director of the Enable Savings Plan, likens the slow uptake of ABLE accounts to employees' initial reluctance to sink their money into 401(k) plans in the early days of defined-contribution plans. According to data from the Investment Company Institute, 401(k)s were also slow out of the gate, and really started to gain critical mass in the mid-1990s, some 20 years after their initial introduction.