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Special Report

Morningstar's Guide to Seeking Financial Advice

Here are the issues to consider and the questions to ask when looking for financial help.

For many investors, finding good financial advice is one of those things--like getting enough sleep or stopping a bad habit--that we know we should do, but we put off.

Why do investors procrastinate when it comes to getting the advice they need?

"A key reason is that the financial advisory profession is an awfully big and confusing tent," says Morningstar director of personal finance Christine Benz. "It encompasses people who are focused primarily on investments and those who construct comprehensive financial plans. Commission-based brokers can call themselves financial advisors, but so do many fee-only folks who never touch commissions."

We've pulled together a collection of articles and videos to help you think through what sort of financial help you need, what questions to ask an advisor, and some easy and less costly ways for smaller investors to get financial advice.

Choosing a Financial Advisor: An Investor's Checklist
Before you start researching advisors, ask yourself these five questions.

5 Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor
Inquire about areas of expertise, compensation arrangements, and credentials before signing on for financial help.

The Best Ways for Smaller Investors to Get Advice
Christine Benz lays out four options for smaller investors amid uncertainty about how the fiduciary rule will impact advice.

Find the Right Financial Help
Selecting an advisor who's a good fit doesn’t have to be an overwrought process.

How to Choose a Robo-Advisor
Here's what you need to ask before diving into the robo-advice pool.