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Special Report

Morningstar's Guide to the Tax Overhaul

We look at how changes to the tax system will impact you and your investments.

Much of the tax plan centers around reducing tax rates for corporations and small businesses structured as pass-throughs, but plenty of the provisions touch individuals, too. The impact of corporate profitability and the economy will have a direct impact on your investments.

We'll be providing updates and guidance as we get new information.

How the Tax Changes Affect College-Savers
Baird's Tim Steffen explains how 529 plans could impact savings strategies.

How the Tax Changes Affect Retirees and Pre-Retirees
Baird's Tim Steffen says the new rules on itemizing and the elimination of Roth "do-overs" are most likely to affect retirees.

3 Underdiscussed Tax Changes
Baird's Tim Steffen explores how the Pease Limitation, AMTs, and pass-through changes may affect investors.

Benz: What the Tax Package Means for Your Financial Plan
Implications for taxable investors, Roth IRA converters, college savers, and more.

What Investors Need to Know About the Tax Bill
Harder to access deductions, changes to inflation adjustments, and challenges to small retirement plans are on Morningstar Director of Policy Research Aron Szapiro's radar.

What Tax Reform Means for Stocks
With the bill nearing the finish line, we don’t foresee material changes to our fair value estimates or economic moat ratings since lower rates are already baked into our models.

529 Accounts: Not Just for College Savings Anymore?
The proposed tax bill would allow 529 withdrawals for elementary and secondary school tuition; we consider some implications for investors.

Take Action on These Tax Tasks Now
With tax law set to change in 2018, Baird's Tim Steffen says investors should consider these moves before the end of the year.