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Morningstar Runs the Numbers

We take a numerical look through this week's Morningstar research. Plus, our most popular articles and videos for the week ended June 30.

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Inspired by Harper's Index (with a tip of the hat to FiveThirtyEight's Significant Digits blog), Morningstar Runs the Numbers uses a numbers-based approach to highlight recent Morningstar research, along with some outside news stories.

0.71 and 0.60
Those are  Loomis Sayles Bond Retail (LSBRX) and  Loomis Sayles Investment Grade Bond's (LGBNX) correlations with the S&P 500 over the three-year period. In fact, lots of bond funds' correlations to equities are higher than you might think, says Karin Anderson, associate director of fixed-income manager research. One of the reasons for owning bond funds is diversification from equities, Anderson points out. In this article, she looked for bond funds that move in sync with stocks. The funds she identified have their merits, she said, but they offer less diversification than the typical bond fund. does not own (actual or beneficial) shares in any of the securities mentioned above. Find out about Morningstar’s editorial policies.