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How to Get Really Rich

Inherit well, be contrarian, and live for a very long time.

Mistress Green
My co-worker Larissa Fernand has composed a series of articles for Morningstar India entitled "Learn From the Masters," which features investment lessons from famed investors past and present. Give them a click! Her accounts are very readable, fresh even when profiling such familiar American subjects as Peter Lynch, Ben Graham, and John Templeton, and on occasion surprising.

Such was the case with her latest installment: Hetty Green, the so-called Witch of Wall Street. As a teen, I read The Guinness Book of World Records cover to cover. Among my strongest impressions was the tale of the "world's greatest miser," who according to Guinness (a source that I trusted with all my heart) was worth millions, but was so cheap that she refused to buy soap and died while having a fit extolling the virtues of skim milk. Yes, that was Hetty Green.