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Benz: Building Your Retirement Portfolio Step by Step

Retirement Readiness Bootcamp Part 4: Christine Benz lays out how to use the bucket approach to structure your retirement investments.

Christine Benz: Hi, and welcome back. If you're just joining us, I am Christine Benz for All day today, we've been talking about retirement readiness. We just spent a few sessions talking about looking at your income needs in retirement, looking at how much of those income needs will be supplied by certain sources of income, and then we looked a little bit at withdrawal rates in the preceding session.

Now we're going to talk about how to structure your portfolio based on your anticipated spending needs from your portfolio. Before I get into this presentation, I'll just note that you can go ahead and download slides, we'll make them available after the presentation. You can also submit questions and there are instructions below on how to do that. My colleague Jeremy Glaser and I will be tackling some of your questions toward the end of this session.