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Coping with This Bear Market

Some tips from Morningstar on dealing with a down market.

No doubt about it: This market is brutal. Three quarters of the stocks and funds we cover are down this year. (It's hard to believe, but not too long ago earnest politicians argued that our Social Security funds should be invested in the stock market.) Now, the big questions weighing on many investors' minds are, "Which losers do I dump, and which do I hold onto?"


To help Premium Members make sense of this bear market, we've publishedmore than 500 Fund Analyst Reportsin the past six weeks, including reports on funds a lot of you hold, such as  Selected American  (SLASX),  Baron Growth  (BGRFX),  Fidelity Magellan  (FMAGX),  Vanguard Primecap  (VPMCX), and  Dodge & Cox Stock  (DODGX). Not only are we trying to help you determine which funds are worth keeping and which were flashes in the pan, but our analysts are also talking to some of the best managers in the business and hearing how they're coping with the bear market.