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A One-Stop In-Retirement Portfolio-Maintenance Regimen

The following six steps tie together portfolio maintenance and rebalancing, RMDs, and more.

I sometimes run into retired investors who tell me that overseeing their portfolios is their new full-time job. I don't doubt that for many retirees, investing is a hobby, a passion, or both; it's only natural that such engaged investors devote a fair amount of time to what they enjoy. Moreover, investors with more hands-on strategies, such as investing in individual stocks, may well need to devote a fair amount of oversight to their holdings.

But for retired investors who would rather not spend hours overseeing their portfolios and figuring out how to wring income (er, cash flows) from their portfolios, I'd argue that it's possible to distill in-retirement portfolio maintenance into a single cohesive regimen that can be conducted toward the end of each year. Such a one-stop review ties together portfolio maintenance and rebalancing, meeting RMDs, and replenishing liquid reserves. Because these activities are related, it only makes sense to tie them together into a unified process. Depending on the complexity of the investor's portfolio, such a holistic regimen can be conducted in just a few hours.