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Week Ahead: Fed Awaits Data Before Decision on Rates

Crucial employment and inflation readings are due this week ahead of the Fed's closely watched June meeting.

Jeremy Glaser: For Morningstar, I'm Jeremy Glaser and welcome to The Week Ahead, our quick take of what investors should have on their radar screens for the week starting May 30.

Earnings season may be behind us, but there will still be plenty of data for investors to take a look at this week. Most will be looking to see how this data is going to impact the Fed's decision to raise rates or not at their meeting in mid-June. When it comes to the Fed, they have a dual mandate of looking for both full employment and low inflation, and we'll get readings on both this week. On the employment front, the jobs number due on Friday will be the last one before their meeting; we'll see if  momentum that we've seen in the jobs market can continue, and also what's happening with wages.

For inflation, that'll be embedded in the consumption and income report that's due out on Monday. This is interesting because both we'll get to see what's happening with the consumer, and also we'll get the PCE index, which is Fed's preferred measure of inflation. We'll see if there are signs that the price level or there is any pressure on price levels and if the Fed will have to act maybe sooner than later or maybe faster than they expected in order to keep that under control.

The ISM index, which measures the strength of the manufacturing sector, some other factory data, the ISM services data, and Case-Shiller Home Prices will be out this week as well.

Stay tuned to Morningstar for our take on all of these stories.