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A Risk-Conscious Value Fund That's Worth Getting to Know

The longtime managers at Silver-rated Sound Shore Fund have built up an impressive long-term record with their flexible value approach.


Gregg Wolper: If you haven't heard of Sound Shore Fund (SSHFX), that's not surprising. They are not from a big fund company, and they don't do much marketing at all--very little. They don't do any advertising. But they are worth getting to know.

One of the most impressive traits is the longevity of the managers. Harry Burn and Gibbs Kane founded the firm way back in the '80s, and now it's in its thirtieth year. They have been running the fund the whole time, and no managers have departed in all that time. The third manager, John DeGulis, started as an analyst in the mid-'90s and became a manager more than a decade ago. So, he is the newcomer; but even he has quite an amount of experience on the fund. The analyst group doesn't have quite that longevity, but it has been around for quite a while as well and has been very stable.

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