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Special Report

Morningstar's 2015 Individual Investor Conference Replays

Watch the conference again or catch up on anything you missed from our March 21 online event.

If you missed the 4th annual Morningstar Individual Investor Conference or want to watch any of the panels or presentations again, we are releasing the session replays April 6-10. Stay tuned to this page all week for the latest replays.

Monday | April 6
Getting a Read on Today's Economy
Panel Discussion
If 2014 taught us anything, it was to expect the unexpected. Stocks did better than expected. So did bonds. And commodities surprised everyone with a swoon. But now with equity valuations still looking full, the market coming off a five-plus year rally, and the Fed expected to begin raising rates, how should investors set expectations for their portfolios? We'll check in with Morningstar director of economic analysis Bob Johnson and other market experts to get the lay of the land. Click to Watch Now >>

Tuesday | April 7
Making Money Last in Retirement
Panel Discussion
One of the most vexing issues for retirees is selecting a withdrawal rate: How much can I withdraw from my portfolio over my retirement without depleting my assets too quickly? On the flipside, an overly conservative plan may unnecessarily prevent investors from fully enjoying their retirement years. The 4% rule of thumb is a decent starting place, but in this special panel discussion, we'll help investors customize that approach, optimize for tax savings, and monitor their situation over time. Click here to watch now >>

Wednesday | April 8
Bucket Portfolios for Retirement Income: Step By Step
The bucket approach to retirement-portfolio management, pioneered by financial planning guru Harold Evensky, aims to help retirees create a paycheck from their investment assets. The bucket concept is anchored on the basic premise that assets needed for near-term living expenses ought to remain in cash. Assets that won't be needed for several years can be parked in a diversified pool of long-term holdings, with the cash buffer providing the peace of mind to ride out periodic downturns in the long-term portfolio. In this presentation, Morningstar director of personal finance Christine Benz walks investors through the basics and presents her series of model bucket portfolios featuring some of Morningstar's favorite funds to illustrate how it works. Click here to watch now >>

Thursday | April 9
Cream of the Crop: Our Favorite Funds in All Flavors
Panel Discussion
Looking to beat the market with beaten-down value stocks? Searching for undiscovered growth in emerging markets? Seeking a cushion for your bond investments in case of a rate shock? Join Russ Kinnel, Morningstar's director of manager research, senior fund analyst Sarah Bush, and director of personal finance Christine Benz for a discussion of some of our favorite funds for all corners of your portfolio. Plus, learn more about Morningstar's forward-looking Analyst Rating for Funds. Click here to watch now >>

Friday | April 10
Morningstar's Dividend Playbook
With bond yields still in the cellar, the search for income remains a hot topic for investors. Many have turned to or doubled down on dividend-paying stocks to bolster their portfolios' payouts. Indeed, there are many reasons to like dividend-payers, but not just any old dividend will do. In this in-depth session, Morningstar DividendInvestor newsletter editor Josh Peters will walk investors through his drill for uncovering sustainable and growing dividends. Click here to watch now >>