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This International Fund Plays the Long Game

Gold-rated Dodge & Cox International picks stocks when they're out of favor and holds them for years--a strategy that has paid off for long-term investors.


Gregg Wolper: The Medalist of the Week is Dodge & Cox International Fund (DODFX). Now on the surface, this might look like a conservative offering. It has nine managers who work as a team. They've all been there for many, many years. They don't seek the limelight. You won't see them in the media very much. They tend not to leave Dodge & Cox. And they don't trade very much.

The fund's turnover rate is usually around 12% or 13% a year--very low. But it would be a mistake to think of this as a conservative fund, because these managers are willing to go out of the mainstream. For instance, they have many more emerging-markets stocks than most international funds do.

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