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This Oil Producer Is on Track for the Future

MEG Energy has been ahead of the curve in securing rail, barge, and pipeline access to critical markets.

David McColl: Recently, we produced a new research report, which looked at market access for Canadian crude. What we found was that, by 2017, approximately 850,000 barrels per day of crude will have to move by rail to markets. So, what does this mean for the industry?

Well, it means that you want to be positioned for producers who have access to the critical rail infrastructure to move their barrels to market. For this reason, we continue to like Best Idea MEG Energy, which has been ahead of the curve for securing rail, barge, and even pipeline access down to markets such as the U.S. Gulf Coast. What does this mean?

Well, by around 2017, about 75% of their crude will be priced off international benchmarks, which really helps them have the best cash flow growth amongst all of its peers in addition to very strong netback or, really, net revenue growth amongst its peers. 

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