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Johnson: Our Economic Flexibility Is Overlooked

In this special presentation touching on consumer spending, employment, natural resources, and more, Morningstar's Bob Johnson details how the U.S. economy can convalesce after tough times.

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Note: This video is a recording of Bob Johnson's late-March presentation at Morningstar's Chicago office on the state of the U.S. consumer and economy.

Bob Johnson: Good morning everyone. It's great to be here today to talk about the economy a little bit, one of my favorite topics in the world. Today, we're going to cover a lot of ground. Let me start a little bit on the U.S. economy. My view of the world is, we've been through a very difficult time. We had a great 20-year growth period that was helped along by population growth, by growth in debt, and probably a little bit of a hyperactive housing market, and those things all came to a screeching halt almost together in 2008. And now we are slowly working our way out of that mess.

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