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Why Nygren Likes This Health-Care Name

Medtronic's current P/E and solid fundamentals make the stock more worthy of owning, says Oakmark manager Bill Nygren.

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Shannon Zimmerman: For Morningstar, I am Shannon Zimmerman here today with Bill Nygren of the Oakmark Funds. One company that is prominently represented in each of your portfolios is Medtronic, a top 10 position at Global Select and at Select, and then also a big position at Oakmark, too, where it's also in the top 10 there. As the dust settles on the election, irrespective of the outcome of the election, what do you think the impact might be on the company like Medtronic?

Bill Nygren: Well, first, I would guess most investors are going to be as happy as I am to have an end to the endless commercials and telephone calls that we’ve all been receiving over the past few months.

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