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Research Highlights: New Fund Picks, Cisco, Enron

Here's some of the best research we published this past week.

If you missed the Q&A between Morningstar users and Jean-Marie Eveillard--manager of First Eagle SoGen Global (SGENX) and Overseas (SGOVX)--check it out. Eveillard doesn’t mince words. He says Japanese stocks, particularly small caps, are selling for a song. He also likes Allen Organ (AORGB): "Giving data communications a zero value (the subsidiary has been losing money), the stock is a bargain at $30, mostly because the organ business is stable and profitable and they dominate it."

He also had some kind words for Morningstar, noting that we were "among the very few, the happy few" to recommend that investors stick with his value strategy during the bull-market craziness. If you don’t believe him, here’s what we said about his fund at the market’s peak in the spring of 2000. The reason we keep an archive of past Analyst Reports is so that you can see exactly what we’ve said about funds and stocks over time. It keeps us honest. (To access the archive of any stock or fund, click on the See Previous Analyst Reports link on the Analyst Report page.) If you check our record during 1998 and 1999, you'll find we were one of the most responsible sources when it came to slamming faddish stocks and funds and arguing for sticking with unfashionable, but wise, investments.