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Session 3: Best Investment Ideas Roundtable

A panel of Morningstar equity, mutual fund, and ETF experts detail several individual investment opportunities and sensible investing strategies for income and growth in today's tough market.

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Jason Stipp: Hello and welcome back. I'm Jason Stipp, site editor for We're here at the last session of our Midyear Financial Checkup. I can just feel the brainpower up here on our panel discussion. We've got some experts from different research areas. They are going to take your questions. So this is entirely a Q&A session. We've already gotten a lot of great questions, but we want to hear more from you, what questions you have about your individual investments, about your portfolio positioning. So definitely please do input those questions and send them over to us. We're going to monitor them all throughout this Q&A panel.

I'd like to introduce my panelists here, Christine Benz. She just gave the presentation on your midyear portfolio check-up. She is our director of personal finance. Next to Christine, we have Shannon Zimmerman. He is associate director of fund analysis for Morningstar. He covers Oakmark, John Hancock, and some other fund firms. He is also a regular contributor to He talks about funds performance trends. Next to Shannon, we have Heather Brilliant. She is the vice president of global equity and credit research for Morningstar. By the way, Heather, I do believe that you live up to your last name. She has covered a lot of different sectors in her long career. She has been in the industry for about 15 years. In financials, she has covered pharma, biotech, and some other industries, and heads up, again, our global equity and credit research group.

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