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Research Highlights: New Star Ratings, Value Funds

Our research this week focused on two areas. On the stock side, it was companies reporting earnings. Based on the latest results, we adjusted quite a few fair value estimations--resulting in a slew of star-rating changes. In some cases, like EMC, the news was so drastic we’ve altered our view of the company. In other cases, like General Motors, AOL Time Warner, and Apple Computer, quarterly results reaffirmed our positive views.

On the fund side, the focus was on large-cap value funds. Anyone with a value bias, like yours truly, can check out our reports on Selected American (managed by Chris Davis), Legg Mason Value (managed by Bill Miller), Gabelli Equity-Income (managed by Mario Gabelli), Torray, and Dodge & Cox Stock, among others to see what some of the best managers in the business are up to. Several of these funds number among our Fund Analyst Picks for the large-value category.