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Special Report's Diversifiers & Alternatives Week

March 19-23: Tips and picks for diversifying your stock and bond holdings and getting a handle on alternative investments.

The fact that diversification is crucial to reaching your financial goals isn't exactly an earth-shattering concept. For years, experts of all stripes have been urging investors to not put all of their eggs in one basket. But gaining diversification can be much easier said than done. Simply buying more and more securities doesn't necessarily give you any diversification benefit.

This week on, our internal portfolio experts and strategists, including Morningstar's director of personal finance Christine Benz, will take a microscope to the recent factors behind increased correlations and the tools that promise investors better diversification, including commodities and the more-recent new crop of alternative investments.

Bookmark this page and stay tuned, as new reports will be posted here as well as in's Portfolio Optimization Center every day this week.  


Monday | March 19: Why Diversify?

Tuesday | March 20: Diversifying Your Stock Portfolio

Wednesday | March 21: Diversifying Your Bond Portfolio

Thursday | March 22: Diversifying With Commodities  

Friday | March 23: In-Depth Alternatives & Diversifiers Roundtable Video Report

Top Alternatives for a Well-Rounded Portfolio
Premium Member Exclusive: William Harding of Morningstar Investment Management, head of alternatives research Nadia Papagiannis, and ETF analyst Tim Strauts outline smart diversification strategies and investments in this 50-minute roundtable discussion.