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Four Positive Surprises for the Economy in 2012

The U.S. is particularly well situated compared with almost any other economy in the world right now, says Morningstar's director of economic analysis. These four factors should push 2012 GDP growth ahead of 2011's rate.

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Bob Johnson: I'm Bob Johnson, the director of economic analysis. I actually work with the stocks department [at Morningstar]. I actually sit with our stock analysts, and I was a stock analyst for many years, both on the sell side and the buy side, and then most recently I was head of the technology team that followed all the tech stocks and managed a group of people. And I came over to become an economist about three years ago now. So, I come to economics from a base in stocks and the real economy, not with a Ph.D. in economics. So, I come with a view that is maybe somewhat like yours.

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