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Research Highlights: Our Hottest Analyst Reports

Which Analyst Reports are most popular among users? So far in August, EMC (EMC), Nokia (NOK), and  Cisco (CSCO) have topped the charts among stocks as measured by how many people have viewed them. And the Fund Reports attracting the most clicks are Oakmark Select (OAKLX),  Vanguard 500 Index (VFINX), and Oakmark (OAKMX), in that order. A sign of the times: Value manager Bill Nygren gets two of the top three slots, whereas neither of his Oakmark funds made the top 25 one year earlier. In August of last year, White Oak Growth Stock (WOGSX) was our most popular Fund Analyst Report.

But aside from gauging market sentiment, we eye these lists closely because we want to keep the most popular reports--the ones you’re most interested in--as up-to-date as possible. For our most popular stock reports (the top 150 to 200 stocks), our analysts update their reports at least every six weeks. For funds, it’s every at least once per quarter for the most popular. Among the new Stock Reports and Fund Reports this week, you’ll see quite a few of these popular names.