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Research Highlights: Our Recommendations This Week

The major event on this week was--drumroll please--the launch of our stock star ratings. To learn how the new ratings work, read the piece by Pat Dorsey, our director of stock analysis. Pat and his team are putting a lot of work into these ratings: Our analysts have to fire up spreadsheets, dig into the financial statements, and make informed forecasts of figures like sales growth, asset turnover, and profit margins. Not only that, but they have to update these ratings on a daily basis!

But the beauty is, all this work results in a rating that’s simple and intuitive. By glancing over our stock-rating table, you can see at a glance which stocks we think are cheap, and which we think are pricey. It’s also easy to check which ratings have changed each day. (Small marketing digression: If you’re a Premium Member, you have access to all our stock ratings--pretty good for $99 a year. Not to mention that you also get 1,000 Stock Analyst Reports and 2,000 Fund Analyst Reports. If there’s a better bargain on the Web, let me know.)