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Your Portfolio Meets Our New Style Box

How our new Style Box affects how you analyze your portfolio.

Has your portfolio just gotten more "blendy"?

Now that we've introduced our new Style Boxes, many of you who use Portfolio X-Ray will notice a shift in your overall portfolio weightings toward the blend column and away from growth and value. Let me explain why that is, and why it's actually a good thing.

You're So Blendiful, Darling
Let's look at a real portfolio as an example: the Aggressive Wealth Maker portfolio that we manage in Morningstar FundInvestor. It's a portfolio we designed for investors with long time horizons, and who therefore can afford to hold a mix of 85% stocks and 15% bonds. Under our old Style Box methodology, if you ran this portfolio through X-Ray to see how its equity holdings were distributed across our nine-square Style Box, you would have seen the following: